Let's be honest, living in such a fast paced, sometimes hectic, ever changing world, it gives us peace of mind that energies such as protection has "got our back." However,  to be reminded that we can help shield ourselves from negative thoughts by thinking good thoughts in a conscious way is essential not only to develop new habits of clear thinking,  but also by protecting oneself from emotions that may guide our thinking,  keeping us in a state of fear,  thus creating a continuous cycle of negative thinking.

We have created a very diverse mix of semi-precious gemstones throughout our Protection collection of bracelets. Whether you decide to wear them daily or for certain events occasions, remind yourself that the strong energy of protection is on your side.

"Live your best life, be bold, be brave and if you make mistakes along the way, learn from the lessons and keep moving forward" - Leanne & Dean, founders of Samayla Jewellery.