"One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm." - Bruce Lee.

Just one little thing can change your mood. That car thats pulled out in front of you. That person who didn't say thank you. Your children not listening to you. That result you didn't expect. The price you paid for parking the car. That sale you didn't close. That thing that made you late. That mistake you made etc...etc.

Our range of calming energy inspired bracelets are carefully designed and crafted to wear everyday. Our range of gemstones are selected for their natural, calming energies and are created to remind you to remain calm and not to waste your precious energy on things that are out of your control yet help you keep control.

"Live your best life, a life of calmness, joy & seeing the beauty in the everyday."

- Leanne & Dean. Samayla Jewellery.