5 crystals for Aquarius zodiac sign

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Aquarius zodiac crystal bracelet with gold accessories

5 Crystals for Aquarius

Happy Aquarius Season!
Free-spirited, creative and a little rebellious, Aquarians are a sign of forward-thinking change makers. The Aquarius symbol of the Water Bearer signifies the washing away of the past, and the beginning of a brighter future. 
Not afraid to carve your own path and go against the grain, Aquarius babies are known to give your all as you storm towards your goals. Though this can come at a price, as Aquarians are prone to burning out by trying to do it all. 
These crystals are curated to balance your emotions, protect you from negativity and improve communication, helping you tap into your best Aquarian self.
Amethyst crystal


Birthstone for Aquarius babies, Amethyst is a spiritual stone that helps you get in touch with your spirituality. It’s a natural tranquilliser that soothes and balances emotions, bringing the calming, nurturing energy that Aquarians need.

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Hematite crystal


When you need to turn negativity into positivity, Hematite has got you. It’s strong grounding energy helps to bring air sign Aquarians down to earth and stay grounded during testing times. It brings the perspective to move on from the past and manifest great things for the future.

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Clear Quartz crystal

Clear Quartz

The ultimate healer, Clear Quartz helps Aquarians to truly flourish. It amplifies and regulates energy, helping to get rid of stagnant energy and make way for the type of energy you wish to tap into. It’s also known to strengthen the energy of other stones.

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Aquamarine crystal


Reflecting the free-flowing energy of Aquarians, Aquamarine inspires truth and trust with the self and others, and helps you to go with the flow. Useful for self-development, it helps you to let go of the past and move on from what’s no longer serving you.

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Moss Agate crystal

Moss Agate

An uplifting stone of luck and hope, Moss Agate is deeply connected to nature and opens you up to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. It helps you to attract abundance, boosts self-esteem and improves communication.

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Aquarius zodiac gemstone bracelet

Samayla Aquarius Zodiac bracelet

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