Size Guide

How to measure your wrist - a step-by-step video guide with our founder Leanne

Before making a purchase, please measure your wrist to ensure you get the perfect fit for your Samayla energy bracelet. We also offer custom sizes on request. All measurements in our size chart are based on wrist sizes only. 

Bracelet Size Chart

Wrist Size                          Wrist Measurement

Extra Small                         15cm

Small                                  16cm

Medium                              17cm

Large                                  18cm

Extra Large                         19cm

XXL                                     20cm


How do I know where my bracelet should fit?

With your measuring tape or string, measure to the point that is a comfortable fit on your wrist, over the wrist bone. The tape or string should be firm around your wrist, but not too tight. If you prefer a looser fit, keep this in mind when measuring. The length of your wrist's circumference (in CM) is then your bracelet size. 


What happens if I order the wrong size?

Please contact us at if your bracelet doesn't fit when it arrives so we can arrange a re-size. Please note that you'll need to cover the postage cost to send your bracelet back to us to be resized. 


The amount of beads we use in a bracelet varies depending on the size. As our semi-precious gemstones are natural, they can vary in size and appearance, though this is a very small amount. Our bracelets are handmade and not mass-produced, therefore bracelets of the same size are not 100% identical.