Jewellery Care

Bracelet Care

Two semi-precious gemstone bracelets by Samayla Jewellery charging in a selenite bowl.


When you receive your bracelet
To get the most out of the healing properties of your bracelet, when you receive it we encourage you to set your intentions for what you want the bracelet to bring you. For example, strength through change or stressful periods, relief from mental or physical pain, or energies of positivity and gratitude.
Speak your intentions out loud when holding the bracelet in your dominant palm and visualise them setting with the help of the energy of your bracelet. You can also do this to strengthen your meditation and intention setting practices. 
Wearing your bracelet
To avoid over-stretching, when putting your bracelet on roll the bracelet over your hand rather than pulling to stretch it. When taking your bracelet off, do the same. 
You should remove your bracelet before showering, bathing, swimming, sleeping or playing sports.  
Gemstones can be fragile so please protect your bracelet when you can from bumps and scrapes.
Storing your bracelet
Keep your bracelet in the box we provide when you are not wearing it and keep it separate from any other jewellery.
To keep your bracelet clean and free from dust use a polish cloth.  Please do not use any cleaning products on your bracelet.
Cleansing and charging
As gemstones are natural energy absorbers, they benefit from occasional cleansing and charging to ensure they maintain their strength and effectiveness. Our favourite way to cleanse and charge is as follows: 
A gentle clean with water⁠ and cloth polish (first ensure the stone is water safe).
Laying bracelets in a selenite bowl for cleansing - selenite has a natural ability to dispel negative/stagnant energies and boost the energy of other stones.⁠
Leaving bracelets to recharge in natural sunlight or in moonlight (this is especially useful around a full moon).

Ring Care

 Cleaning your ring

925 silver may naturally tarnish over time, but gently cleaning your ring regularly with the complimentary polish cloth provided can maintain shine. Do not use abrasive cleaning products on your ring. Certain chemicals can cause damage and discolouration, including hand sanitizer. 

Wearing your ring

Semi-precious gemstones can be delicate, wear with care and avoid bumping and scraping the stone. 
Avoid submerging your ring in water for long periods of time.

Storing your ring

We recommend keeping your ring in the box provided when it’s not being worn, and separate from other jewellery.