6 Crystals for Love and Relationships

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A couple wearing Samayla gemstone bracelets
A couple wearing Samayla gemstone bracelets

Open your heart to give love to yourself and others with a little help from our love-inspiring crystals. Unblock the heart chakra, nurture compassion and improve communication to radiate with loving energy.

From stones that ignite passion and attract new love into your life, to stones that nurture relationships you already have, these crystals are for all the hopeless romantics out there looking to prioritise love. Not forgetting the important act of self-love, these crystals teach you self-compassion and encourage commitment to showing yourself the love you deserve. 

6 Crystals for Love and Relationships

Rose Quartz gemstone
- Best-known for loving energy
- Restores trust and harmony
The stone of universal love and infinite peace, Rose Quartz is connected to the heart. Restoring trust and harmony in relationships, as well as encouraging self-forgiveness and helping you realise your self-worth.
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Amethyst gemstone
- Promotes peace and calm
- Combats negativity 

Amethyst brings soothing energies of tranquility and calm. Known as a natural tranquilliser, it can help you keep level-headed during times of tension in relationships and combats the anxiety and fears that are holding you back.

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Aventurine gemstone

- Protects the heart
- Brings perspective

Aventurine is a positive, comforting stone that inspires compassion and open-mindedness, opening you up to see the possibilities of love. Connected to the heart chakra, it protects and heals the heart so you feel ready to seek your soulmate or reconnect to an existing relationship.

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Garnet gemstone

- Stimulates passion
- Stone of devotion

Fiery and romantic, Garnet is radiating with passionate energy that inspires love and devotion. A stone of commitment, it can be used to re-energise relationships that feel stagnant or stuck, opening the heart and mind with fresh energy. 

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Rhodochrosite gemstone

- Represents selfless love
- Powerful healing

Rhodochrosite nurtures the heart. It encourages painful and repressed feelings to come to the surface so that you can heal and move on from trauma. It can be used to show compassion for the self, and to invite the right person into your life at the right moment. 

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Carnelian gemstone

- Brings joy and passion
- Anchors you to the present moment

For those of you that struggle to let a partner in, Carnelian provides the courage to let down your walls. It makes way for joy and creativity, injecting passion and fun into relationships. Carnelian teaches you to trust your gut and perceptions, so that you know when love feels just right.

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