6 Crystals for Taurus Zodiac Sign

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Samayla Taurus Zodiac gemstone bracelet
6 crystals for Taurus zodiac
It’s Taurus season!
Strong-willed, hardworking and determined, with a calm and joyful aura, Taurus achieve the perfect balance of being both grounded and open-hearted. But wanting to get it right every time comes with its challenges; Taurus have a tendency to stray into perfectionism and overworking, so you'd benefit from more self-care and rest. Practical and responsible, Taurus are also seekers of stability and can become stuck in your ways.
We've rounded up our top Taurus crystals to motivate, protect and enhance your Taurus energy.
Malachite tumbled gemstone
Promoting growth and transformation, Malachite encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks. It helps you to overcome  your self-limiting beliefs and welcome new opportunities and adventures.
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Carnelian tumbled gemstone
Boosting creativity and instilling courage, Carnelian gives Taurus that boost to go after what you want, despite fears and anxiety. Inspiring transformation, it can be used to motivate yourself for success and make changes.
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Jade tumbled gemstone
A protective stone, Jade shields the mind and body from unwanted energy. It brings the balance and harmony that the hardworking Taurus needs, and opens you up to see the good fortune that surrounds you.
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Clear Quartz tumbled stone
The ultimate healer, Clear Quartz can be used to amplify your best traits. It absorbs and regulates energy, and can be used to access the type of energy you need, allowing you to flourish and run at your best self.
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Aventurine tumbled gemstone
Full of positive energy, Aventurine helps Taurus to tap into joy and happiness. It encourages an open minded approach and the perspective to see potential in everyday situations, perfect for when you feel stuck in a rut.
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Black Onyx tumbled gemstone
A powerful protection stone, Onyx guards you from toxic energy. Helping to turn negativity into positivity, it motivates Taurus on the journey towards your goals and dreams.
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Taurus zodiac crystal bracelet
Samayla Taurus Zodiac bracelet
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