Crystal Healing Bracelets for Autumn: Our Founder's Edit

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Leanne, founder of Samayla Jewellery
Leanne's Autumn Edit

Happy Autumn! With the transition from summer to autumn, we’re called to take stock, reflect and look inward. Our founder has chosen her favourite crystals that reflect this way of being so that we emerge into the new season feeling fully grounded and connected to ourselves.

Whether you’re looking forward to cosy evenings and knitted jumpers or still clinging on to the last of summer, I’ve curated an edit of my favourite crystal bracelets to support you through the transition of the seasons. 

Silver leaf jasper crystal bracelet with gold accessories

Silver Leaf Jasper

Reflecting the nurturing energy of Autumn that encourages us to slow down, Silver Leaf is my go-to stone for balance and grounding energies. Its gorgeous tones and subtle details make it the perfect Autumn accessory.

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Mookaite crystal bracelet with rose gold accessories


 I don’t think Mookaite gets the attention it deserves! Gorgeous and unique, it brings fresh, revitalising energy that brings me out of an Autumn slump. It also has powerful healing properties that strengthen the immune system and have anti-aging qualities.

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Botswana Agate, Moonstone and Smoky Quartz crystal bracelet worn with a 6mm moonstone crystal bracelet

Botswana Agate, Moonstone and Smoky Quartz

Throughout Autumn I’m seeking comfort, and this bracelet does just that. Combining some of my favourite healing stones, it brings balance, reassurance and develops inner strength. In this photo I’ve paired it with our 6mm Moonstone bracelet for a neutral look.

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Green lepidolite crystal bracelet with gold accessories

Green Lepidolite

A stone of transition, Green Lepidolite is the perfect bracelet for assisting us through seasonal shifts. It brings emotional healing, reduces stress and promotes positivity. Plus, it has the most stunning deep green colour with subtle hints of purple!

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Eagle Eye crystal bracelet with stainless steel accessories

Eagle Eye

Regulating the nervous system and improving confidence, I love to wear Eagle Eye on the days I need a little boost of courage. One of our bestselling unisex designs, it has intricate details and colours that I can’t get enough of.

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Pietersite crystal bracelet with gold accessories


With colours that reflect the tones of Autumn, Pietersite is a bracelet for inner peace and stability. It reminds me to trust the process when things get tough, and to feel gratitude for everything I have.

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Bloodstone crystal bracelet with gold accessories


Feel lethargic during colder months? Bloodstone is the perfect tonic for when you feel low on energy. It stimulates blood flow and detoxifies the organs, promoting overall health and wellbeing. I’ve been wearing this bracelet every day lately!

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