Gemstones for Cancer Season

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Gemstones for Cancer Season


It’s Cancer season! We’re taking a look into some of the gemstones that support, nurture and ground those with the sign, helping you flourish and balance your energy. Though this list is curated for Cancer babies, we all feel Cancer energy during this season, so these stones will also resonate with anyone. 

Cancer’s are known for their loyalty and protectiveness, making them excellent friends that have deep bonds with their loved ones. They feel deeply and are highly intuitive and sentimental, this sensitivity can make them prone to being ruled by their emotions and delicate to rejection. Cancer’s are also creative, drawn to water, and being ruled by the moon, sensitive to the lunar pattern which can reflect their changing mood. 

Cancer’s benefit from gemstones that help them stay grounded, balanced and emotionally resilient, as well as those that encourage them to look within for the love and reassurance they seek from others.


5 Gemstones for Cancer Season



A bunch of Carnelian gemstones. They have a bright red appearance and some lighter lines and patterns inside the stone.

A stabilsing stone, Carnelian helps Cancer’s feel grounded and secure. It also helps boost courage and a little luck needed to make good decisions. As a protective stone, Carnelian also protects against negative energy and keeps anger and envy at bay. It also inspires creativity, helping Cancer’s connect with their artistic abilities.

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A moonstone gemstone. It's appearance is a milky white with blue shiny tones.

Being ruled by the moon, Cancer’s are deeply connected to lunar energies and are often drawn to Moonstone. Moonstone soothes and balances emotions, encouraging inner strength and the ability to ‘go with the flow.’  As a stone of transition, Moonstone strengthens intuition, making a powerful tool for Cancer’s to feel in tune with their intuitive nature.

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A Rhodonite gemstone. Its appearance is a light pink with black marks and stripes.
A stone of compassion, Rhodonite can strengthen Cancer’s loving, empathetic personality, while also providing them with the security to release their need for codependency. Rhodonite also balances emotions, strengthens the heart and helps to heal the wounds of the past.
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A Rose Quartz gemstone. Its appearance is a light pink.
Rose Quartz
The soft, gentle love of Rose Quartz matches the energy of Cancer’s. As the stone of universal love, it promotes self-compassion and self-worth, helping sensitive Cancer’s forgive and find love within themselves. As well as nurturing the self, Rose Quartz also promotes unconditional love with others too, strengthening Cancer’s bonds in relationships.
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A Black Obsidian gemstone. Its appearance is a glossy black.
Black Obsidian
The ultimate protective stone, Black Obsidian shields Cancer’s during times of sensitivity and vulnerability. Acting as a shield against negativity, Black Obsidian provides the wearer with the strength to work through emotional pain and trauma. Catalysing growth, the stone also opens up new possibilities and opportunities.
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