Gemstones for Geminis

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Gemstones for Geminis
Gemstones for Geminis. In the centre of the image is a graphic illustration of two women representing the twin symbol for the zodiac sign, surrounded by gold stars.

It’s officially Gemini season!

The sign of the twins, Geminis are full of fresh, coexisting energies; both social and introverted, adventurous yet comfort seeking. Excellent communicators that embrace the dual nature of being, Geminis are adaptable and versatile. Being an air sign, Geminis can go with the flow and take life as it comes, but their duality means that they can be unpredictable, indecisive and find it hard to stay grounded. 

We’re rounding up the balancing gemstones that help to bring out your best Gemini qualities, whilst keeping you stable, inspired and connected to yourself. Whilst this list is curated for Gemini babies, we all feel Gemini energy during this time (May 22 - June 20), so this list will also resonate with everyone. 

5 Gemstones for Gemini Season

Botswana Agate semi-precious gemstone


One of the Gemini birthstones, Agate comes in a variety of shades and patterns. Agate are grounding stones that encourage balance, harmony and healing of the heart, perfect for keeping Geminis in a state of tranquility and stability. Agate stones boost self-confidence and encourage spiritual growth, helping Geminis to feel harmonised in mind and body.

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Moonstone semi-precious gemstone


Another Gemini birthstone, Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings. Its soothing properties balance emotions and brings a sense of peace. For Geminis that feel conflicted with your duality, Moonstone deepens intuition and can be used for self discovery and healing. Moonstone is also connected to the moon and can be used to harness lunar energies.

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Aquamarine semi-precious gemstone


Full of gentle, nurturing energy, Aquamarine is a soothing stone that calms an overactive mind and provides clarity.  Perfect for excellent communicators, Aquamarine promotes self-expression and clears blocked communication, allowing Geminis to make the most of their abilities.

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Howlite semi-precious gemstone


A stone of tranquility, Howlite is known to calm turbulent emotions and eliminate anger and stress, providing that balancing energy that Geminis need. For impatient Geminis that want it all at once, Howlite teaches patience and trust in the process. It’s a powerful healing stone that can be used to release ties to past trauma.

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Tiger Eye semi-precious gemstone

Tiger Eye

A powerful protection stone, Tiger’s Eye provides all-round balance and shields from negative energy. Energising the emotional body, it prevents personal drain from stress and anxiety. With a strong connection to the mind, Tiger’s Eye provides focus and resolution to internal conflict, allowing Geminis to flourish.

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