Leo Crystals: The 6 Best Crystals for Leo Zodiac Energy

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Crystals for Leo
Crystals for Leo
As Leo season gets into full swing (July 23-August 22), we’re moving to the bold and extroverted energy of the zodiac sign. We’ve collated a list of gemstones to balance, ground and encourage openness in fiery Leo’s. 
Known for their bundles of energy, warm-hearted nature and confidence, Leo’s are natural born leaders. Outgoing and fiercely loyal, it’s no surprise that people gravitate towards Leo signs, who have no problem being the centre of attention. Self-assured and ambitious, Leo’s achievements and hunger for growth are endless, they value their achievements and are conscious of the ways they are perceived by others.
Leo’s benefit from gemstones that can help to balance their vibrant energy that sometimes lends itself to chaos. Their confidence and self-awareness can be perceived as arrogance, and being so intensely focused on chasing their goals, Leo’s can lose perspective on the things that really matter, meaning they benefit from a little grounding energy to bring them back to earth. 
A black onyx semi-precious gemstone
Black Onyx
Providing that protective, grounding energy that Leo’s need, Black Onyx encourages slowing down and taking some time to regenerate and let go of stress.  In the midst of chaos, it prevents the drain of personal energy and aids the development of physical and emotional stamina.
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A Carnelian semi-precious gemstone
The energy of Carnelian rings true to the energy of Leo’s - providing warmth, passion, creativity and vitality. Wearing a stone that compliments their vibe, Leo’s can boost the best parts of themselves and stimulate their drive to get stuff done.

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A Citrine semi-precious gemstone


Leo’s are ruled by the sun, and Citrine is bursting with warm and golden energy. A stone of abundance and manifestation, Citrine attracts the prosperity that draws in Leo types. It’s vibrance encourages openness and generosity, matching Leo’s loyal and big-hearted personality.

3 Labradorite semi-precious gemstones


For self-assured Leo’s, Labradorite helps to boost intuition and the feeling of truly knowing yourself. Known as a stone of transformation, it encourages them to look within for validation and discovery, which is particularly useful at times when Leo’s get wrapped up in what others think of them.

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A Black Tourmaline semi-precious gemstone

Black Tourmaline

Transforming negative energy into positivity, Black Tourmaline absorbs toxicity. Due to its connection to the root chakra, Black Tourmaline helps Leo’s ability to feel grounded in themselves and their environment.

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A Tiger Eye semi-precious gemstone

Tiger's Eye

Matching the fierce strength of Leo’s, Tiger’s Eye is also associated with the energy of the sun. It provides power, confidence and good fortune, shifting fear and negative energy to make room for more joy. With the ability to focus the mind, Tiger’s Eye can help Leo’s stuck in a creative rut to get into their flow state and generate ideas.

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