Gemstones for Pisces

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Gemstones for Pisces

Gemstones for Pisces


To celebrate Pisces season, we've rounded up our Pisces gemstones. Known for deep thinking, empathy and compassion, Pisces are soft natured beings that go with the flow. This trait also opens you up to being trusting and easily hurt. Use these gemstones to ground and protect your gentle heart.

Though this list is curated for Pisces babies, we all feel Pisces energy during this time, so we'd all benefit from tapping into the energy of these stones.

5 Gemstones for Pisces Season


Amethyst gemstone


Deep and empathetic thinkers, Pisces are known for being spiritual beings. Amethyst can be used by Pisces to deepen your relationship with your spirituality by supporting you on your journey of self-discovery and connecting with your higher purpose. Another balancing stone, it also helps to soothe anxiety and negative emotions.

Rose Quartz gemstone

Rose Quartz

A stone of the heart and unconditional love, Rose Quartz protects the loving energy of Pisces. Restoring trust and harmony in your relationship with yourself and others, it boosts self-love, compassion and self-esteem. When you need some reassurance that love is key, Rose Quartz has got you.

Aquamarine gemstone


Matching the gentle, free-flowing energy of Pisces, Aquamarine provides calmness and balance. Inspiring truth and trust, it can be used to help speak your truth and improve communication with others. Water signs tend to suffer from mood swings, and soothing Aquamarine works to balance emotions and provide cleansing energy.

Rhodonite gemstone


Another stone of the heart, Rhodonite is a powerful healing stone. It can be used to heal wounds of the past, and encourages wavering Pisces to reach emotional stability. For Pisces who are led by their heart rather than head, Rhodonite is a vital stone that nurtures love and activates the heart. It’s a particularly useful stone through times of trauma and stress.

Turquoise gemstone


To protect and balance Pisces, Turquoise works against negative energy and balances and aligns the chakras, bringing inner peace. Particularly useful for times when you’re feeling low mood and energy, Turquoise helps to re-energise the mind and body. Pisces are known to be creatives, and Turquoise stimulates creative thinking and problem solving.

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