Gemstones for Virgo Season

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Gemstones for Virgo Season
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It’s officially Virgo season! 

Virgos make stuff happen! Known for their go-getter attitude and determination, you can rely on Virgos to get the job done. But being a hardworking perfectionist comes at a price; caring about every small detail can lead Virgos to suffer from burnout and stress as they are faced with the challenge of striving for perfection.

Virgos also love to help others, sharing their wisdom and analytical thinking to help solve problems, making them reliable and faithful people. Although they have the knack for being brilliant communicators, Virgos can sometimes struggle with asking for help or expressing their feelings. Being earth signs, they also have a deep connection with and care for earth and nature.

We’ve compiled a list of gemstones to support, balance and replenish Virgo energy. 

Jade semi-precious gemstones


Green Jade is a powerful protection stone that helps combat negative thought patterns. It helps Virgos with self-acceptance and emotional peace by opening the wearer up to the abundance of good fortune that’s all around them.

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Amethyst semi-precious gemstone


Bringing soothing calm and gentleness, Amethyst is the perfect tonic for burnout and stress. When Virgo’s are feeling zapped of energy, it helps to replenish, slow the pace, and encourage mindful thinking.

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Amazonite semi-precious gemstoneAmazonite

Empowering and balancing, Amazonite is the stone of truth and courage. It helps Virgos to be more self-aware, empathetic, communicate their feelings, and learn to see things from the perspective of others; guiding them through times when they struggle with the desire to control. 

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Fluorite semi-precious gemstone


Encouraging positivity and fighting negativity, Fluorite neutralises stress. Known as the genius stone, it helps Virgos tap into their intelligence, retain information and boost memory. The minds of Virgos can sometimes get muddled, but Fluorite provides the clarity and free-flowing energy needed to focus.

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Unakite semi-precious gemstone


Matching the energy of Virgos, Unakite balances and supports, helping them stay in tune with their best assets; love, compassion and kindness. Dedicated to healing the emotional body, Unakite helps Virgos keep their mind, body and soul connected.

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