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Moonstone Magic
Samayla Jewellery's Moonstone Pure Energy semi-precious gemstone beaded bracelet


Moonstone is our March gemstone of the month. The stone of new beginnings and lunar energy, Moonstone is deeply connected to the moon and to intuition. One of team Samayla’s favourites, this month we’re exploring its roots and healing properties. 
What is Moonstone? 
Moonstone is a beautiful stone that varies in form and colour, from a milky appearance to translucent. Our moonstone gemstones have natural deep blue tones that are brought out in natural light. It can be found across the world in places such as Australia, India, The US, Sri Lanka and more. 
Healing Properties
Moonstone is known for its emotional impact and ability to calm reactions and emotional triggers. It has feminine energies that can help with aggression and negativity, also improving emotional intelligence. 
Channeling the energy of the moon, Moonstone is particularly powerful around the time of a full moon and can be used to strengthen the process of manifesting your intentions. It’s high vibrations help you to develop a deeper sense of self and guide you through transitions and change in life. 
Due to Moonstone’s feminine energy, it’s also associated with the inner goddess, fertility and sensuality. Therefore Moonstone is the perfect stone for connecting with femininity and assisting through the process of pregnancy and birth. 
 Samayla Jewellery's Moonstone and Sunstone celestial energy bracelet. Made with semi-precious gemstones, the bracelet is a milky white and pink colour with gold accents.
Moonstone has significance in many ancient cultural beliefs. Known as a stone for travelers, it was believed that Moonstone would light up the path of a journey and keep people safe. In Hindu mythology, moonstone held trapped moonbeams, while in Ancient Rome it was believed moonstone got it’s pearly appearance from storing moonlight. 
Why wear Moonstone?
Wear Moonstone for assistance through change and decision making, to gain a deeper sense of self and for balancing emotions. 

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