Our Founder's Summer Jewellery Edit

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Samayla founder Leanne
Summer is here! A time to be bold, free-flowing and attract abundance into your life, I’m exploring the crystal bracelets I’ll be using to embody sunny energy.
White jade, citrine and sunstone gemstone bracelet
A combination made for summer, this bracelet brings positivity, harmony and good fortune. I wear it when I need a boost of feel-good energy and to clear negative thinking.
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Kunzite gemstone bracelet with gold accessories
I can’t get enough of our new AAA grade Kunzite with its delicate lavender tones. When I’m feeling zapped and sensitive to the energy of others, Kunzite provides peace and protection.  
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A golden healer quartz gemstone bracelet worn on a model's wrist
Since I first saw this gorgeous crystal I’ve been obsessed! Golden Healer is an empowering, high-vibrational stone. I use this to strengthen my meditation practice and attract abundance.
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Sunstone bracelet with gold accessories
It wouldn’t be summer without wearing some sunstone. Connecting to the energy of the sun, it reminds me to embrace joy in every part of my life. PS - this one is now in our 3 for 2!
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A chrysocolla bracelet with gold accessories
With stunning tones of green and blue, Chrysocolla is the perfect summer accessory. I wear this bracelet to be more self-aware and confident, as it provides the perspective to look inward. 
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A green moonstone gemstone bracelet worn on a model's wrist
Feminine Green Moonstone has a beautiful green sheen perfect for summer months. When I’m feeling creatively blocked, I look to this stone for a boost of fresh, inspiring energy.
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