6 Crystals for Health and Wellbeing

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6 crystals for health and wellbeing
6 Crystals for health and wellbeing. A faded image of a woman in a yoga pose on a clifftop.
Crystals have been used for centuries in many cultures across the world for supporting a healthy mind and body. Attuning with their unique and healing energies can help with your wellbeing and spur commitment to your self care. 
Inspiring energy, vitality and calm, we've rounded up some our go-to crystals to be used for common health concerns.
Amethyst crystal


Amethyst is a popular crystal of purple hues that is often associated with spiritual growth and healing. It can help to soothe anxiety, promote restful sleep, and provide relief from pain and inflammation. This crystal is often used by those who suffer from chronic pain, migraines or insomnia, as it has a calming effect on the mind and body.
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Bloodstone crystal


 Bloodstone is a dark green and red crystal that is known for its ability to stimulate blood flow and detoxify the organs. It is often used by those who suffer from circulatory issues, such as poor circulation or high blood pressure. Bloodstone can also help boost your immune system and promote overall physical vitality.
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Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

 Clear quartz is a versatile crystal that is often used for energy healing and spiritual practices. It helps to open the chakras and promote a greater sense of clarity and focus. Clear quartz can also be used to amplify the energy of other crystals and promote overall healing and balance.
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Moonstone crystal


 Moonstone is a dreamy crystal, made up of milky white and flashes of blue. Moonstone is deeply connected with the moon and its cycles. It is believed to help support hormonal balance, particularly during the menstrual cycle. Moonstone is often used by those who suffer from PMS or menopause, as it can help to soothe mood swings and promote emotional balance.
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Black Tourmaline crystal

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal that's used for protection and grounding. It helps protect against negativity and toxicity, both in the physical and energetic realms. Black tourmaline is often used by those who are highly sensitive to energy, such as empaths or healers, as it can help to create a sense of safety and stability.
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Unakite crystal


Unakite is a beautiful green and pink crystal that is associated with women’s health. It is often used during pregnancy to promote a healthy pregnancy and aid in recovery after childbirth. Unakite can help support the immune system and promote overall physical healing.
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How to use crystals for health and wellbeing

You can incorporate these healing crystals into your everyday routine by:
  • Wearing them as jewellery, allowing them to come into contact with your skin throughout the day.
  • Place them on specific parts of the body, such as the forehead for headaches, and visualise their healing affect on the body.
  • Hold them in your left palm when meditating. This is known as your receiving side, to gain the energy of the crystal. 
  • Carry them in your pocket for grounding energy.

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