6 ways to use your crystal jewellery

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6 ways to use your crystal jewellery
6 ways to use your crystal jewellery


Our jewellery is designed primarily to be worn and is curated to elevate your everyday style. It serves as a constant reminder of the healing properties and energy you want to bring to your life every time you look at it.

Did you know your body has a receiving and giving side? We recommend wearing your jewellery on your left wrist/hand to receive the energy of your crystal, and wearing your jewellery on your right wrist/hand to give out the energy of your crystal.

Setting intentions with your crystal jewellery


To get the most of your crystal’s healing properties and to have them serve you best, we recommend setting your intentions to programme and activate the crystal to your needs. Whether you’re looking to manifest your dreams or gain powerful protection, crystals Set your intentions by:

  • Find a quiet spot where you feel safe and peaceful
  • Hold the crystal in your left palm 
  • Close your eyes and visualise the energy and feeling you want the crystal to bring you. For example, if you have a Rose Quartz crystal and you want to focus on self-love and grounding, your intention could be: I love and care for myself unconditionally, I feel at peace within my own body. 
  • Repeat your intentions out loud, visualising them becoming a reality with the guiding energy of the crystal. 

 A model wearing Samayla Jewellery's 4mm Citrine bracelet and minimal Citrine gemstone rings



For those of you seeking restful sleep and all-round tranquil vibes, your jewellery can be placed under your pillow or on your bedside table to encourage deep rest and nurturing. This is especially useful for stones like Amethyst or Aquamarine, which encourage better sleep and soothe a restless mind.



Placing your jewellery around the home protects your safe space from negative energy and helps maintain a balanced, loving environment. For example, placing Black Tourmaline near windows or doors helps to keep out unwanted energy, placing Carnelian on your desk encourages creative thinking, and Pietersite encourages decluttering. 



For those of you looking to attract wealth, abundance crystals such as Citrine, Jade and Pyrite are known to attract prosperity. Pop them in your wallet and let the universe do its thing!

 Rows of Samayla Jewellery gemstone bracelets packed in boxes


Your jewellery can be a powerful tool to help develop your connection to your higher self during meditation. From those of you who struggle to get into meditation, to those of you who want to deepen your practice, your crystal has got you. Wear or hold your bracelet during meditation to tune into your bracelet’s unique energies.

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