Cleanse & Charge your crystals with the Super New Moon

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Super new moon crystal cleansing and charging
Super new moon crystal cleansing and charging

Tomorrow (21st January) is the first super new moon of the year, bringing with it unique, powerful energy that encourages us to renew and release. It’s the perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals and crystal jewellery, as well as set your intentions for the month ahead. 

Why do I need to cleanse and charge my crystals? 

Crystals are energy absorbers, therefore over time their energy can become stagnant. Cleansing and charging is a process that re-energises your crystals, ensuring that their healing properties maintain effective and that they’re working at their best.

 Why should I cleanse and charge with the Super New Moon?

Moonlight is an effective and simple way to cleanse and charge your crystals. Particularly at the time of a Super New Moon, where powerful lunar energies are encouraging renewal, and putting out high vibrations for your crystal to absorb.


A crystal bracelet in a white selenite bowl 

A guide to cleansing and charging crystals with the Super New Moon

- Check the time that the moon will peak in your area to ensure your crystals are left out during that time.

- Set your intentions for the new moon. Think about what you want this new month to bring, and the energy you need from your crystal/s to make this happen. Say your intentions out loud, holding your crystal in your left (receiving) hand. Visualise your intentions being set and strengthened by the energy of your crystal.

- Leave your crystal/s out overnight in a spot where they will be exposed to the light of the moon. This could be on your windowsill, or a safe place outside. The energy of the new moon continues for a few days afterwards, so you may want to leave your crystals out for longer. 

- Keep these crystals close to you afterwards. For example, wearing your jewellery or keeping them near your bed.

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