Gemstones for Libras

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Gemstones for Libras
Gemstones for Libras with an illustration of balancing scales and the Libra star sign symbol.


We’re at the end of Summer and feeling the seasonal changes as we step into Libra season (September 23rd - October 22nd). During this period, the earth and sun are in balance as days and nights mirror each other in length. This causes us to seek balance and harmony in all parts of our lives. 

As a sign of balance and equality, Libras busy themselves with the goal to achieve balance within themselves and the world. This desire for peace and wanting to get things right can mean they agonise over every little detail and decision, spending energy trying to keep things harmonious. 

Known for their intelligence, friendly nature and honesty, Libras are trusted leaders. They bring positivity, loyalty and the ability to be a great listener to their friendships. But they are also prone to being self-absorbed and impatient, and their desire for balance can mean they avoid confrontation or disruption.

Libras benefit from gemstones that bring the balancing, grounding energy they need to stay happy, as well as supporting their best traits. A little help from natural energies can help Libras step into their true self and flourish. 


6 Gemstones for Libra Season

An Aquamarine semi-precious gemstone. It's a pale blue colour with specks of green.


Providing the balancing harmony that Libras seek, Aquamarine inspires trust in the self and others. It gives Libras the confidence to trust their intuition and live their truth. It’s soothing properties also help maintain calmness under pressure and during times of transition.

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A Black Tourmaline semi-precious gemstone. It's a glossy black colour.

Black Tourmaline

When Libras are struggling and zapped of energy, Black Tourmaline provides the protection from negativity they need. It provides feelings of grounding security, absorbs toxic energies and shields against negative thinking.

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A Clear Quartz gemstone. It has a light, glass-like appearance.

Clear Quartz

Libras are concerned with finding balance within themselves and the world, and Clear Quartz does just that. Balancing the mind and body, it amplifies Libra's energy and encourages them to think positively and clearly. 

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A Labradorite semi-precious gemstone. It has a dark grey colour, with a shiny white and blue light, and blue stripes running through it.


Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation, providing Libras with strength and perseverance. It’s no secret that Libras can be a little impatient, and Labradorite teaches trust in the process, while clearing the anxiety that change can bring.

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A Lapis Lazuli semi-precious gemstone. It's a dark blue colour, mottled with grey and white.

Lapis Lazuli

Libras are known for their intelligence, friendly sociability and leadership. Lapis Lazuli strengthens these qualities, boosting self-awareness and intuition, as well as providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality. It nurtures self-expression and communication, allowing Libras true self to shine through.

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A Tiger Eye semi-precious gemstone. Its an orange-brown colour with dark brown stripes running through it.

Tiger's Eye
Always striving for balance and harmony means that Libras can tend to avoid confrontation and sacrifice themselves for the happiness of others. Tiger’s Eye provides empowering protection that inspires the courage to speak up, as well as dispelling the fear and anxiety this can bring.
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