Gemstones for Scorpios

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Gemstones for Scorpios

Gemstones for Scorpios


It’s Scorpio season! With Winter darkness drawing in, the urge to hibernate and retreat inwards is strong. This feeling is reflective of Scorpio’s nature, who tend to look inwardly and are known for being independent and intuitive. 

Full of complexities, Scorpios are deeply emotional, brave, passionate and creative. They take their relationships with others seriously and are trustworthy people. Though when it comes to themselves, they can have their guard up and take time to let people in. 
Known as a sign of success, Scorpios make things happen and are known to create transformation. Their bravery and determination means that they’re not afraid to take risks and lead on the action. 
This water sign benefits from gemstones that soothe and balance to keep their emotions in check, and encourage them to be a little more open and trusting when their instinct is to retreat.
6 Gemstones for Scorpios


Citrine semi-precious gemstone

Radiating with warmth and positivity, Citrine inspires energy that brings out Scorpio’s creativity and passion. As a stone of abundance, it attracts prosperity and success, leading Scorpio’s to the path of their goals and dreams.
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Aquamarine semi-precious gemstone


For Scorpios who need to learn to go with the flow, Aquamarine provides the perfect gentle encouragement to sit back and relax. It inspires truth, trust and letting go of the past, making it the perfect healing stone for moving on from what no longer serves you.

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Amethyst semi-precious gemstone



Reflecting Scorpio’s intuitive nature, Amethyst aids self-discovery and deepens connection with the self. As a soothing stone, Amethyst helps to balance moods and emotions, as well as dispelling anxiety.

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Black Tourmaline semi-precious gemstone

Black Tourmaline

A powerful protection stone, Black Tourmaline shields Scorpio’s from negative energies and emotions. It provides grounding energy that provides feelings of safety and security, whilst amplifying personal power.

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Labradorite semi-precious gemstone


For intuitive Scorpios, Labradorite has the ability to deepen their intuition and spiritual energies. As a stone of transformation, it matches Scorpio's transformative, determined nature and protects from negativity they might meet along the way.

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Smoky Quartz semi-precious gemstone

Smoky Quartz

Grounding Smoky Quartz helps Scorpio’s through times of emotional turmoil by anchoring them in the present moment. Aiding self-acceptance and providing protection, it helps Scorpio’s deepen their friendships and let down their guard.

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