Our Founder's Spring Edit

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Our Founder's Spring Edit
A portrait of Leanne, founder of Samayla Jewellery

Our founder's Spring Edit

Hi everyone! Spring is in the air and I want to share my favourite designs to match the fresh energy Spring brings. I wear these crystals to embrace renewal and new beginnings.

Moss Agate and Prehnite gemstone bracelet with gold accessories

Moss Agate and Prehnite

With both stones deeply connected to the energies of the natural world, I love to wear this bracelet to remind me to appreciate the abundance of beauty nature brings.

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Samayla New Beginnings bracelet with silver accessories

Samayla New Beginnings Bracelet

The arrival of Spring brings with it an awakening that feels like a new beginning. I wear this bracelet for courage and to trust that change will bring good things to my life.

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Jade gemstone bracelet with 925 sterling silver accessories


With its gorgeous tones of green, Jade represents balance and harmony within your body, mind and your environment. I wear Jade to feel grounded in the present moment and inspire good fortune.

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Chrysocolla gemstone bracelet with gold accessories


Shaking off the dullness of winter, Chrysocolla re-energises and makes room for joy. I love the unique patterns of this stone and wear it to remind me that longer, brighter days are coming.

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Aventurine gemstone bracelet with gold filled feature bead


Reflecting the energy of Spring, Aventurine is a comforting stone of positivity that encourages an open mind and heart. I look to Aventurine to give me the perspective I need to overcome challenging times.

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Aqumarine bracelet in 6mm beads with gold accessories


Birthstone for March, Aquamarine is a gentle stone that nurtures and brings tranquility. I keep my Aquamarine bracelet near my bed to help me feel rested and at peace.
This beauty is available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm bead sizes.

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