Use your Samayla Jewellery to manifest your dreams

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Manifesting with your Samayla Jewellery. Using crystals to manifest.
Manifesting and setting intentions with your Samayla jewellery. In the image a bracelet is held on the palm over a journal with writing on the pages.

Your Samayla Jewellery is much more than just an accessory. Gemstones vibrate with powerful, healing energy that can be used to strengthen your manifestation and intention setting practices. 


How to manifest with your jewellery

Cleanse & charge your stones 

Gemstones are natural energy absorbers, and therefore benefit from occasional cleansing and charging to rid them of stagnant, negative energy and maintain their effectiveness. There are many ways to cleanse and charge, but our favourites include leaving your crystal in moonlight or sunlight (if sun safe) to be charged by their natural energy or using Selenite as a cleansing crystal. Read more about cleansing and charging on our website.


Clarify your intentions 

Thoughts are powerful. Being intentional about the way you want to live everyday is part of carving out the path to guide you to the life you manifest. Write down or say aloud your intentions daily or weekly to keep them at the forefront of your mind. 


Incorporate your gemstones 

When writing down or speaking aloud your manifestations — what you desire to attract — hold your bracelet or ring in your left hand, this is known as your receiving hand. Visualise your desires being strengthened and solidified by the energy of your stones.


Wear your gemstones 

Wearing our jewellery is a constant reminder of what you want to attract every time you look at it, as well as drawing the energy of the stone. 


Our favourite manifestation crystals

Citrine Gemstone

Citrine for joy, wealth and abundance

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Rose Quartz gemstone

Rose Quartz for love and self-compassion

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Amethyst gemstone

Amethyst for less stress and anxiety

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Clear Quartz jewellery

Clear Quartz for less stress and anxiety

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